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We Maintain And Simplify

We have an excellent and well-coordinated team of professionals, who are always ready to help you. Our engineering and logistics services deeply understand the business processes and are an effective addition to your business.


Our specialists have accumulated considerable experience of cooperation and interaction in various points of our world. We reliably ensure the safety of cargo and the quality of equipment and premises.​


The safety of your flights is our priority, therefore our support on the ground is absolutely uncompromising. Delivering goods for you, preparing premises and placing personnel, we choose only the best and safest solutions.



The company welcomes fair competition and strives to be one step ahead of the competition. Studying their experience and achievements, we receive valuable lessons in doing business.​


We are fully responsible for the quality of our services. Quality is the main criterion in all our actions.​


We operate exclusively on a professional basis, employing highly skilled specialists, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, creed or nationality, and reward them for their achievements.

Continuous improvement of staff training is a key to personnel development.


We are particularly attentive to our customers who have decided to provide assistance in the area of natural disasters and similar situations. You can always count on us!


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Service Facilities

rent of warehouses and storage places

For the duration of the contract, our employees organize the rent of the equipped premises both for the storage of aviation technical equipment and for the storage and maintenance of helicopters.

Equipment & parts

Supply and urgent delivery to any location

Your technique should not be idle. We, as professionals, it is perfectly understand why every customer order is always considered as an urgent one. Your spare parts will always be on time.

Renting and leasing


We care about the needs of our clients, which is why we provide a very unique service. On a client request, we organize renting and leasing of a wide range of equipment with very convenient conditions.


ONII is a Slovak logistics company with the central office in Bratislava. We specialize in supporting and ensuring the working capacity of civilian helicopter airlines on the ground for a successful implementation of their contracts. We are able to perform tasks of any complexity and to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Our customers receive a proper and timely ground service, which is supported by established, reliable business relations in various airports of the world, with hotels, and equipment, fuels and lubricants suppliers. Among the advantages of working with us, is our ability to arrange the customers helicopters' stay in places of natural disasters, to provide rescue operations, transportation of passengers and cargo.

Your #1 Air Logistic and Infrastructure Service Company

Welcome to ONII


Organization of ground infrastructure of any complexity for airlines carriers using helicopter transport, delivery of equipment and spare parts, assistance to such airlines in places of natural disasters.



African continent, Europe, Asia, Latin America